After a decade of unremarkable, me-too fashion advertising, bebe’s cultural capital began to dwindle, bringing down the brand’s once-impressive market share.

To reestablish bebe’s relevance in the world of fast fashion, we created a story around the 9pm to 5am bebe girl—a smart, irreverent young woman who does what she wants when she wants with whomever she wants, wearing the only brand that suits her trendy, fast-paced lifestyle: bebe.

This fresh, exciting image set the stage for all bebe marketing platforms, serving as the conceptual foundation for print, outdoor and ambient advertising, social media content, website design, and important industry invents including New York Fashion Week.

Working with a network of more than 50 influencers from fashion bloggers and stylists to actresses and models, we successfully activated the 9pm to 5am bebe girl campaign, and reinvigorated the venerable bebe brand for a new generation of consumers.

Finally, as part of this comprehensive brand overhaul, we redesigned the bebe.com ecommerce platform to be sleeker and more user-friendly while maintaining the glamorous, new bebe aesthetic.

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