Unlike its competitor who encourages frisky folks to “get it on,” Durex’s Performax Intense condom is taking a more romantic approach by helping lovers make beautiful music together-literally—with the Durex In-Sync Song Generator.

The Generator asks a series of questions about preferences for time of day in lovemaking, as well as how varied, energetic and loud one’s routine is. Then, it has the user send a request to his or her partner on Facebook to complete the survey, or has the partner fill in the questions at the same time if in the same place.

For a couple identified as, say, “Romantic & Racy” (based on input suggesting one “tends to get eager in the evening, while the other likes to get naughty at night”) the generator selects a song with “a titillating tempo and a sensuous sound.” One such song might be Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

This wildly popular app successfully ladders up to the product’s claim to “speed her up and slow him down” to help get lovers in perfect sync.

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